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Mini Plum

A delicious plum that stands out due to its deep red colour, this tasty tomato has few seeds and medium juice content and is blessed with a subtle sweet flavour. For an incredible tomato salad mix with sliced golden mini plums shot of colour.

Available from late March – November

Tasting notes

Synonymous with Italian cooking, the plum tomato can range in shape, size & colour. Larger varieties often are chef’s tomato of choice for tomato-based sauces. There are many varieties of mini plum types. Some varieties are known to pick vast quantities but this can often affect flavour. On the Isle of Wight, we grow a mini plum variety selected by our taste panel. We have had exclusivity on this variety for a number of years & is considered one of our favourites. Offering a wonderful balance of sweetness but with less acidity, than a variety like Piccolo. We also love its crunchy texture.

When these oval fruits already pack a punch on flavour, there is very little needed to enjoy a mini plum tomato to its fullest. Warmed through in a fresh pasta dish, or lightly grilled on your favourite pizza are just two of the ways you can enjoy them. We start picking mini plum as soon as March, and can often keep picking up until November. So lucky for us we have a very long season! This variety is also available in our organic range.

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